• G Brokerage Commercial Real Estate North Carolina

Brokers Are Free To Buyers & Renters

Yes, FREE! This a win win situation for anyone looking to acquire commercial property whether they are a buyer or looking to become a tenant.  The Brokers for both parties are paid through the listing agreement. So buyers and tenants get the benefit of someone to represent their interests both financially and in regards to the terms of the agreement without any direct costs to them.

Brokers Have Access To Listings That You Don’t

Commercial real estate listings aren’t nearly as accessible as residential ones. Most brokers pay high fees to have access to multiple sites that aren’t searchable by consumers. Additionally, because there is no centralized database it’s difficult for most buyers and tenants to be aware of everything on the market.  Brokers on the other hand have access to multiple paid databases, other broker’s listings and local market knowledge which gives them insight into what may become available on the market. Essentially, having a broker search for you should give a lot more options.

Have A Broker Search for You!




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